Carmen Healing Studio

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Out of Great Darkness Comes Great Light 

Carmen Healing Studio of Johnson City, TN offers a unique holistic healing approach through alternative medical treatments, Reiki, healing touch and several other effective modalities. 

Each of our methods offers healing powers by bringing your mind, body and soul into balance to help you to achieve optimal health. 

God created our bodies to be strong and able to heal itself from all assaults upon us, be it bacterial, accidental injuries or viral infection. The energy work we provide comes from our creator, we are merely the facilitators.  

What is Reiki? 

One of the main focuses of our natural healing methods is the practice of Reiki, which is Japanese for “God’s Life Force Energy.” 

Reiki is very hands-on, with a practitioner using his or her hands near the area of the body in need of healing. The energy then flows from the palms into the trouble spots.

This practice is beneficial not only for the body, but for the spiritual and emotional aspects of the mind and soul. 

Benefits of Reiki 

With successful treatment of patients with depression, ADD, ADHD and other disorders, Reiki is popular because it offers so many benefits with no side effects, unlike so many medicines we take. Because it is guided by a higher power, it is made of pure energy and will never cause harm. 

Patients often report feeling warmth emanating from the hands of the practitioner. Some feel a soothing, tingling sensation. 

Many of our patients who suffer from stress benefit from Reiki because it offers a feeling of peace and well-being.